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Pace Trainer - The App for Enhancing Pace!

Train to like a professional. Pace Trainer is the premiere iPhone App for training for any running or biking event. The features include:
  • Vital statistics during your activity. These include, elapsed time, current pace, current distance, average pace, lap pace, lap distance, lap time and speed.
  • Access to your ipod music library inside the application.
  • Map view of current route with split markers for each lap completed.
  • History of past activites that have been completed.
  • Ability to save activity history online for backup and review on multiple devices.
  • Ability to display distance and pace by miles or kilometers.
  • Customizable lap distance that will log your pace for each lap completed automatically.
  • Ability to "sync distance" to the course when GPS signals are weak or lost.
  • Ability to have friends track your location using any web browser for free!

The ability to review past activities, and the performance of each lap or split, is essential in helping develop performance. This provides the athlete with key information on where peformance may need to be improved during the course of a run. 

User documentation is available here.

Want to See Pace Trainer in Action? View our Demo Page.

Check out the Support page if you need help with the program.

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